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Livguard 3 Phase Grid Interactive Inverter is a state of the art technology with all the Grid Interactive features, including the flexibility for different large scale PV systems and applications.

Livguard Solar Grid Interactive Inverter LS305GI

कर शामिल
  • Warranty 96 Months
    Capacity 5 KW - 3 Ph
    Dimensions 457(L) x 452(W) x 202(H) mm
    Technology MPPT
  • GI (Single Phase) Wide operating voltage range from 165 - 280 VAC suitable for Indian Grids
    GI (Single Phase) Fatest grid reconnect (20 sec)
    GIH (Single Phase) Best in class overload capacity available: (a) 150 % - 30 Sec (b) 110 % - 3 Min
    GIH (Single Phase) Capable of handling different battery types: Flooded/Gel/Sealed/Li-ion
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