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Livguard LGV24V545M Halfcut Solar Panel is a mono perc PV panel, IEC and MNRE compliant. Our panels are ideally suited for rooftop and agricultural applications.

Livguard Solar Panel 545W/24V Halfcut Monocrystalline

Sales Tax Included
  • Power (pm) 165
    (Vmp) in Volts 17.65
    No. of Cells 32
    (Imp) in Amps 9.42
  • Positive Power Tolerance

    Ensures full energy harvesting, Ensure better return of investement

    Excellent performace in low light

    High quality transparent glass, Glossy EVA to capture maximum solar energy

    Suitable for Extreme weather

    Tempered glass withstands dynamic wind load of 2400 Pa & snow load of 5400 Pa, Multi EVA capsulation

    Potential -Induced Degradation (PID) Resistance Technology

    For longer life and lower degradtion


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