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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to install a solar charge controller Management Unit with my solar system?
    If your solar system includes a Solar PCU with an inbuilt charge controller, you don't need to add a Solar charge controller or Management Unit separately to it.
  • What is covered under the 25-year warranty on solar panels?
    The 25-year warranty on solar panels includes: 05-year complete warranty 20-year performance warranty This warranty doesn't include any damage or breakage.
  • What does a solar power plant include?
    The solar power plant will include the following items: 1. Solar Panels 2. Solar Inverter/PCU 3. Solar Batteries 4. Solar Accessories 5. Wire (as per the system/site requirement) 6. Bos (Solar Structure)
  • What is Pro-rata Warranty in battery?
    In case of pro-rata waranty, the new battery will be offered at a discount factor on purchase of new battery only. (The battery needs to be same or equivalent of the old battery also the old product needs to returned) as per manufacturer terms based on below calculation or 20% (0.20), whichever is higher (*Service Life is the number of months between the date of complaint and the date of sale. Fraction of months is rounded off to the next month. **Warranty period is the total warranty period offered for the battery (free replacement + pro-rata). Compensation due to customer during pro-rata warranty period is deemed as a rebate on purchase of same or equivalent new battery type.
  • Can I add two 12 volt batteries to a 12 volt inverter or a single 12 volt battery to a 24 volt inverter?
    No, you can't add two 12 volt batteries to a 12 volt inverter or a single 12 volt battery to a 24 volt inverter.
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