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Livguard Autoz batteries are specially designed for three-wheeler applications, which require frequent start-stops and operate in rough road conditions. Best suited for Indian rodas, Autoz battery is strong enough to withstand severe operating conditions and arduous vibrations during the rides. A unique grid design, lower internal resistance and large terminals enhance re-charging capability of the battery during use.

Livguard Autoz LGM F0 AR60 L

Sales Tax Included
  • Capcity 60 Ah
    Warranty 18 Months
    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm (260 x 173 x 224)
    Battery Layout Left


  • Cranking Efficiency - A perfect blend of the grid structure and plate chemistry ensures higher cranking power.

    Higher Safety Standard - Specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations to ensure high-level safety.

    Low Maintenance - Designed to reduce water loss and increase efficiency.

    Designed For Long Life - Robust Grid Structure and Double Clad Separation offers long life to our batteries.

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