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Livguard Grid Interactive Hybrid Inverter encompasses the features of Grid Interactive Inverter, including battery backup for essential loads during power failure. 

Livguard Solar Grid Interactive Hybrid Inverter LS105GIH

Sales Tax Included
  • Warranty 60 Months
    Capacity 5 KW - 1 Ph
    Dimensions 634(W) x 350(H) x 164(D) | BIU 458(W) x 203(H) x 150(D) mm
    Technology MPPT
  • Wide operating voltage range from 165 - 280 VAC suitable for Indian Grids
    Fatest grid reconnect (20 sec)
    Best in class overload capacity available: (a) 150 % - 30 Sec (b) 110 % - 3 Min
    Capable of handling different battery types: Flooded/Gel/Sealed/Li-ion


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