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Livguard Solar Charge Controller is an advanced micro controller unit based on PWM technology. The charging process has been optimized for longer battery life and improved system efficiency.

Livguard Solar LSCC 24/48 50A

Sales Tax Included
  • Capacity  50 Amps


    Technology PWM
    Max Solar PV Panel 24V: 1800 Wp I 36/48V: 3600 Wp


  • Increase Battery Life / Gravity Builder

    Designed to remove sulphate build up, A high equalizing charged battery

    Automatic Voltage Selection

    Auto battery selection for 10Amps. & 20Amps, Settable battery selection for 50Amps.

    USB Port

    For 20Amps. Plug in your DC devices such as fans, light, mobile phone etc.


    In-built short circuit, reverse current & polarity protection, No risks of electric shocks
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