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Livguard Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries. Innovative Super Tuff 3D design and extra thick tubular plates gives longer backup & battery life.

Livguard Solar Battery 135Ah @C10

Sales Tax Included
  • Capacity 135 Ah
    Battery Weight with Acid ±3% (Kg) 54.8
    Dimensions  505x190x430 mm
    Technology Tubular


  • Super Tuff 3D Grid

    Industry 1st 3D design with double side pasting, Ensures longer battery life

    Superior Life Cycle

    Ensure longer battery service life, Life cycle 2000 at 80% depth of discharge at room temperature

    Tuff Futuristic Design

    Advanced premiun design, Robust high quality durable materials

    Ultra Low Maintenance

    Topping up frequency intially 8 -10 months
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