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Livguard Solar Management Unit (SMU) converts any existing inverter into solar system. It has in-built intelligence to maximize use of solar energy and is ideal for various DC voltages.

Livguard Solar LSMU 12/24 30A

कर शामिल
  • Capacity 30 Amps
    Voltage  12/24V
    Technology  PWM
    Max Solar PV Panel  12V: 500 Wp I 24V: 1000 Wp


  • Maximize Solar Yeild
    Engineered to extract maximum power from solar, to reduce the electricity bill

    3 Stage intelligent Battery Charge Profile

    Designed to track the battery charging profile (Bulk, Absorption and Float), Enhance battery life

    LCD Display

    Easy to operate, in-built interactive LCD display, Indicates alarm & sysem status


    In-built short circuit, reverse current & polarity protection, No risks of electric shocks


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