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Introducing our cutting-edge Solar Off-Grid Inverters, meticulously designed for exceptional performance. These inverters are engineered to provide uninterrupted power in off-grid applications, ensuring you stay connected to clean, renewable energy sources.

Livguard Solar Inverter LS OG2200M (MPPT)

Sales Tax Included
  • Voltage 24V
    Capacity 2200 VA
    Weight 18.37 Kg
    Technology Pure Sine Wave


  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Technology

    In-built intelligence RTC to maximize solar energy utilization, Optimized solar energy utilization based on localized power solution

    Fast Battery Charging

    In-built 50 A solar charge controller charges the battery in short time

    User Friendly LCD Display

    Easy to operate, in-built interactive LCD display indicates alarm & system status including solar generation

    Pure Sine Wave

    Noiseless operations & long life of electrical appliances
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