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Eastman E-Rickshaw Battery comes as a boon to rickshaw drivers considering that the tubular technology helps to achieve the lowest possible cost per kilometre and is of the highest quality. An iCAT approved product and has an overall higher cycle life. 

Eastman EM12512ER Premium+ (Set of 4)

Sales Tax Included
  • Model EM12512ER
    Capacity 125 Ah @C20
    Nominal Voltage 12V
    Dimension (L X W X H) mm 365 X 188 X 265
    Warranty 12 Months


    1. Eastman Tubular E-Rickshaw Battery provide a steady performance with affordable cost to the customer
    2. Environmental friendly aqua trap vent plugs specially designed ensures low acidic fumes & low spillage
    3. Highly reliable compared to other flat plate batteries available in the market
    4. Low Maintenance - very low water topping up required in comparison to other brands
    5. Lowest per km cost ensures more saving
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