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Livguard Grid Interactive Inverter is a state of the art technology that converts DC power from solar to AC power with the inherent ability to synchronize with the utility grid. Its interface with net metering allows it to sell excess solar power back to the grid.

Livguard Solar Grid Interactive Inverter LS105GIS

कर शामिल
  • Warranty 96 Months
    Capacity 5 KW - 1 Ph
    Dimensions 405mm x 315mm x 135mm
    Technology MPPT
  • Wide operating voltage range from 165 - 280 VAC suitable for Indian Grids
    Fatest grid reconnect (20 sec)
    Best in class overload capacity available: (a) 150 % - 30 Sec (b) 110 % - 3 Min
    Capable of handling different battery types: Flooded/Gel/Sealed/Li-ion


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