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d.light S3 Solar light is extremely ideal for studying and precision work.It gets charged in 6-7 hours when kept in bright sun light and gives you bright and clean white light at night. It is 3 times brighter than kerosene.

d.light S3 Solar Lantern

कर शामिल
    • Includes: Victor ultra bright LED lamp: Works electricity and solar (solar panel not included)
    • Dimension: 200 X 150 MM
    • Maximum Power Current: 4 Hrs BackupMaximum Power Voltage: Can work for 5 Year duration
    • Module Efficiency: No Battery Replacements Needed for at least 5 yrs. Integrated Solar Panel. Dual Solar / AC Charging(optional). 8 Hours requires to Full Charge from Solar/AC
  • Monocrystalline panel : Monocrystalline panel live for more than 15 years and are 18-20% more efficient than any other panel.These panel can charge the light even on cloudy days and are highly rugged,water & UV resisitant. They maintain same efficiency in temperature range of 0 degree to 55 degree C.

    LFP battery : d.light uses revolutionary Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery which have ultra long lasting life which is more than 5 years and completes 1800+ cycles.LFP battery does not go in deep discharging mode if kept for long hours and are very light keeping the d.light A1 weight low.

    Dual Charging : d.light S3 comes with a Nokia thin pin charging point which makes it capable of getting charged throught Solar and AC current as well.

    Lighting hours : It give bright light of more than 4 hours after a days charge.

    ABS Plastic : d.light uses ABS plastic which is tough,hard and drop resistant. It maintain its colours and forms even in high and low temperatures.

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